The Land

Our farm it's placed in Sennariolo a little charming village in the montiferru, that it had been able to preserve a human lifestyle in harmony with nature. The village offers to visitors very relaxing moments. The most important activities of the community are the farming,the upbringing and the production of olive oil,honey and cheese. The parish church it's dedicated to St.Andrews and was built in the 1676. In this territory there are a lot of ancients monuments:"Nuraghi,tombe di giganti and Domus de janas". Going out to the village 3 miles beyond westwards,there is a little hill where the S.Vittoria church it's built. The church was built in ancient times to remember the victory of the inhabitants over the moorish invaders. Over this hill there is a very unique view and moreover the restaurant "La rosa dei venti" shows tradictional dishes with excellent products of the territory.